Mains Answer Writing Practice – 18 September 2023

Mains Answer Writing Practice – 18 September 2023

Mains Question 

Question 1 – General Studies- Paper II, III and IV, Public Administration, Science and Aptitude

1. You are a public health official tasked with managing an outbreak of the Nipah virus in a region where it has re-emerged. Outline a comprehensive plan for responding to the Nipah virus outbreak, taking into account the changing clinical symptoms, potential sources of infection, and strategies to prevent further transmission. Additionally, discuss the importance of disease surveillance, research, and collaboration with experts in managing the outbreak effectively.

Question 2 – General Studies- Paper II, Social Issues and Health

2. Define non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and explain their major causes. Discuss the burden of NCDs on global public health, highlighting their impact on mortality and morbidity rates. Then, focus on the current status of NCDs in India, including the prevalent types and risk factors.

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