NCERT Foundation Course

NCERT Foundation Course

NCERT based foundation course - 1 Year, 2 Year and 3 Year


This course is primarily aimed at providing a strong foundation to all aspirants, as UPSC & MPPSC has focused on basic concepts provided in NCERT books. This course will provide aspirants with complete conceptual clarity on all subjects which will help them to build a strong knowledge base.

Key features
  • More than 250 hours of teaching.
  • NCERT book of grade 6 to 12 covered.
  • Subjects will include – General Science,
  • Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History
  • Story of civilization
  • Economic and Commercial Geography of India
  • Physical basis of Geography
  • Geography – Land and People, Principle of Geography, Understanding environment, economic geography
  • India – Resources and Regional Development
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English
  • Economics, Entrepreneurship
  • Sociology, Psychology, Political Science etc.

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